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Menopause and The Maiden

In every woman’s life, there are periods marked by transitions, a series of ever-evolving cycles within cycles, from the maiden to the crone, each carrying its own unique power and wisdom. Menopause is often seen as one of the significant transitions. However, it is not just an end but a profound beginning, marking a phase where the wisdom of the maiden within us is rebirthed into a new form. This alchemical process is like being both in mourning and in birthing, where we simultaneously let go of what was and welcome what will be, not just in years or decades, but daily, hourly.

Today, on “Lady Day” in the old calendar, we are reminded of the connection to the Divine Feminine, a cycle of renewal that mirrors the natural world’s rhythms. This day, traditionally marking the announcement of the spring and the renewal it brings, invites us to reflect on our personal cycles of death and rebirth.

Menopause and the phases leading to it are more than just physical transitions; they are deeply woven with our spiritual journey, inviting us to embrace change with grace and wisdom. It’s a time that calls for us to midwife ourselves with compassion, understanding, and patience, acknowledging the multilayered experiences of loss and creation that define our essence.

These transitions are not linear but cyclical, reflecting the very nature of life itself. We experience the maiden’s energy in moments of new beginnings, the mother’s during phases of creation and nurturing, and the crone’s in times of wisdom and release. Each phase, whether it spans years or moments, holds the key for us to profound personal growth and understanding.

In recognizing these cycles within ourselves, we honor the Divine Feminine as the eternal force that nurtures, transforms, and renews. SHE teaches us that each ending is a new beginning, that in every moment of surrender, there is the potential for new life. It is a reminder that our strength lies in our ability to flow with these cycles, to mourn and rebirth with each passing moment.

Because of these cycles, this rite of passage offers us the opportunity to reconnect with our inner wisdom and to redefine our place in the world. It’s a call to embrace our inner maiden once more, not in the sense of youth as defined by age, but as an eternal spring of creativity, vitality, and growth that resides within us. This phase invites us to look inward, to heal, to create, and to prepare ourselves for the next cycle of life with anticipation and joy.

The cycles within cycles that define womanhood are a testament to our resilience, our capacity for transformation, and our deep connection to the rhythms of the earth. In mourning and in birthing, we are given endless opportunities to rediscover ourselves, to adapt, and to thrive in the many roles we embody throughout our lives.

As we navigate these transitions, we can do so with the knowledge that we are never alone. The Divine Feminine, the spirit of renewal and creation, walks with us, guiding us through each season of our lives. On this Lady Day, let us embrace the cycles within and around us, honoring the journey of the woman in all her forms.

In celebrating these transitions, we can find not just acceptance but empowerment. We learn to hold space for ourselves with kindness and compassion, recognizing that each phase brings its own gifts and challenges.

The journey through each cycle invites us to midwife not only ourselves but each other, through the shared experiences of womanhood, in all its complexity and beauty. Each moment of mourning and birthing brings us a step closer to our most authentic self.