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Welcome to

our farmstead

I’m thrilled to bring you into the world of Heaven and Earth Farmstead, an integral part of InHerWholeness. Our farmstead is a blend of love for the earth and sustainable practices, creating a space where we and nature flourish together.

our garden

In our garden, we grow an array of fruits and vegetables, each carefully selected to thrive in our environment. We follow organic methods, avoiding synthetic chemicals to keep our produce healthy and natural. It’s more than just a garden; it’s our commitment to nurturing the land and growing food that’s good for both us and the environment.

the bees

Our farmstead is also a haven for our honeybees. These little wonders play a vital role in pollinating our plants. Watching their diligent work is not only mesmerizing but also a lesson in the importance of each creature’s role in our ecosystem.

water capture

Responsibly using natural resources is key to our philosophy. Our water capture system is a testament to this, collecting and reusing rainwater to irrigate our garden. This way, we conserve water and reduce our ecological footprint.

the thriving

food forest

Discover the magic of our food forest, a self-sustaining ecosystem of fruit trees, berry bushes, herbs, and perennial vegetables. This layered approach to planting mirrors nature’s own method, creating a harmonious environment where every plant supports another.

What's Coming in


More Eggs, More Chickens

We’re welcoming additional chickens to our farmstead. This means not only more fresh, organic eggs for us and our community but also more natural pest control and fertilization for our garden.

Heritage Breed Rabbits

Our farmstead will soon be home to heritage breed rabbits. These gentle creatures will be an integral part of our sustainable ecosystem, contributing to natural soil fertilization and offering us another source of organic, ethically raised food.

Expanding Our Apiary

We’re also planning to grow our bee family. More hives mean more bees to pollinate our food forest and gardens, ensuring a thriving, blooming ecosystem. Plus, more bees also mean more of that delicious, raw honey we all love.

At Heaven and Earth Farmstead, we’re excited to share how small, conscious choices can lead to a fulfilling, sustainable lifestyle.

InHerWholeness is all about connecting with nature and learning from it, in ways that nourish both the earth and our spirits.