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Hello! I'm Kimmberly Wotipka, a spiritual mentor and guide.

I empower modern women to rediscover their innate divine essence and harness ancient wisdom so they can lead a life of profound fulfillment and purpose.

My journey towards spiritual mentorship and founding is not just a story of personal transformation but a reflection of a deep-seated passion for guiding others on their path to self-discovery and empowerment.

The Call to a Deeper


The seeds of my spiritual quest were sown early in life, but the true turning point came amid the challenges of balancing a demanding professional life with a deep inner longing for purpose and connection. Like many of you, I grappled with the dichotomy of a successful external life and an unfulfilled inner world. This dissonance became my catalyst, leading me to seek a balance between my spiritual needs and daily existence.

Embarking on a Transformative


My pursuit led me to embrace various spiritual traditions. I delved into the teachings of the Self-Realization Fellowship as a Kriyaban, was ordained as a minister in the Order of the Marys, and explored the ancient wisdom of the Nordic tradition as a trained Volva. Each step was a building block, not just in knowledge but in understanding the profound impact of spiritual alignment on one’s life.

Gaining Expertise to

guide others

I pursued academic knowledge alongside my spiritual education, earning degrees in Spiritual Studies and Business Administration. This unique blend of spiritual and practical learning equipped me to offer a service that is deeply rooted in ancient wisdom yet highly relevant to modern life. As a successful farmstead owner, I also embraced the principles of sustainable living, integrating them into my teachings.

Resonating with Your


My path mirrors the experiences and aspirations of many who yearn for deeper meaning in their lives. The struggles of juggling societal expectations with personal spiritual needs, the search for a like-minded community, and the desire to live a life that is true to one’s inner calling – these are not just my experiences but potentially yours as well.



Now, as the founder of and the Sacred Heart Enclave, my mission is to guide you toward realizing your own spiritual wholeness. My journey, rich with diverse spiritual traditions and practical wisdom, has shaped a platform where your quest for fulfillment, understanding, and connection can thrive.

After embracing my calling and weaving together the wisdom of various spiritual traditions with practical life lessons, I established Now, I dedicate myself to guiding women as they awaken to their divine essence, helping them integrate ancient wisdom into their modern lives for a truly fulfilling and purpose-driven existence.

At, you’ll find a sanctuary of transformative programs – from the Sacred Heart Enclave, our vibrant learning community, to comprehensive Priestess training, and individualized Sacred Soul sessions. Each offering is designed to empower, enlighten, and support you on your journey to spiritual wholeness and personal growth.

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